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Welcome to the Parent Information section of our website and the Virtual Office.

On these pages you will find useful information about the day to day life at

Sir Frank Whittle Primary School.

Aims and Ethos

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Visit Parent View website

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Communication With Parents

We recognise and value the important role, which you play in supporting your child.  Two-way links between home and school are essential. You may speak informally to your child's teacher at the beginning and end of each school day. However, if you wish to speak to the teacher in any detail, or you wish to discuss a sensitive or private matter, it is essential that you arrange a proper appointment with the teacher concerned. This will ensure that you have quality time to meet!

Please remember that teachers' professional duties include a range of tasks such as administrative work, liaison with agencies beyond the school, extra-curricular activities and meetings on the school site and elsewhere outside school hours.

You will be invited to see your child's teacher each term.  This is an opportunity for you to find out more about how your child is getting on and how you may be able to help.

We aim to keep parents fully informed about the work of the school.  We write to parents regularly with information about future events and activities, and at the end of every school year parents receive a written report on their child's progress.

During the year there will also be a number of activities in which parents will be invited to share. Examples of these are class and merit assemblies.

Parents are welcome to contact the Head Teacher at any time if they are worried about the progress or welfare of their child or require further information.  Again, it is best to telephone for an appointment.

Separated And Divorced Parents

We will endeavour to provide separate consultations for separated/divorced parents if requested to do so. Please ensure that you inform the office if you require separate appointments and provide contact details for both parents in such circumstances.  The school is able to copy annual written reports to absent parents.  If you would like to use this service please contact the office staff.

Where There Is A Problem

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you feel that your child has a problem.  You may be the first person to notice.  Home circumstances change or you may need to share some relevant medical information.  Please don't wait for parent-teacher consultation evenings if you would like to talk things over.  In the same way we will contact you if we feel that this would be useful for us to meet.

Helpers In School

We have a number of parents/carers who help in school on a voluntary basis.  Activities include hearing children read, accompanying children on trips, sewing and helping with art lessons.  If you feel able to help in any way please contact the school office. It is the school policy that all helpers are C.R.B. (Criminal Record Bureau) checked.

We would like to thank all our helpers for their support.  Such help is greatly valued and enriches the life of the school.

Visits To The School For Prospective Parents

The Head Teacher will be pleased to meet parents considering sending their children to the school on an individual basis.  It is best to telephone for an appointment.

Coventry Parenting Handbook

Click above to view The Coventry Parenting Handbook

Parent's Evenings

It is important to keep up with your child's progress. With this in mind parent's evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring terms and a written report provided in the Summer term.

If your child's teacher has any particular concerns, they will arrange a meeting with you. If you have any worries about your child's progress, please talk to your child's teacher at the end of the school day or speak to the school office so that a mutually convenient meeting time can be arranged.

Extra help available for families with children!

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family friendly facts

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