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'Good to be Green' System

How it works…

o The Good to be Green chart displays every child’s name below a pocket
containing gold, green, amber and red cards.
o Children are encouraged to ‘stay on green’ through the visual aid and through a
variety of rewards – this avoids overlooking those children who consistently
behave well. Good to be Green raffle tickets can be awarded by all members
of staff, and stickers can be awarded at the end of the day to celebrate the
achievement of those who have remained on ‘green’ all day.
o Teachers should keep a record of children who have been green all week – this
information will be gathered in order to look for patterns of behaviour and
provide support to children who are struggling to conform to expectations.
o In each class, the expected code of conduct (the school and agreed class
rules) are displayed next to the ‘Good to be Green’ chart.
o Children have the chance to start afresh on a ‘green card every day and are
expected to maintain that status throughout the day.
o ‘Gold’ cards are awarded to those pupils who display exemplary behaviour and
give others a role model to aspire towards.
o If a child chooses not to adhere to the agreed rules they move onto a yellow
card – correcting their behaviour means they can move back to green without
further consequence – this acts as their warning.
o If a child ignores the warning opportunity, and continues to make bad choices
through inappropriate behaviour, they are moved to a red card. They will then
need to attend a supervised play session to reflect on their choice with a
member of the senior staff.
o Attendance at supervised play should be recorded in the class behaviour log

green frog

Additional rewards

o Good to be Green can be used alongside the established merit system – for
example children awarded a privilege card may also be given a merit.
o Staff may send a good to be green postcard home to let parents know about
really good behaviour.
o Each child has a book mark on which to collect their ‘Good to be Green’
o Good to be Green wrist bands and pencils may be given out for exemplary
o Staff will be given a book of ‘Good to be Green’ raffle tickets which should be
given to pupils. The Good to be Green raffle prize box is kept in the school
office. Children post their raffle tickets into the box and a prize draw takes
place in each weekly merit assembly.
o Golden raffle tickets are placed in a box in Mrs Harrison’s office and a prize
draw for a ‘Golden goodie bag’ also takes place in each weekly merit assembly.

‘Good to be Green’ stickers and awards can be given by any member of staff to
any pupil. All adults should remember that the good behaviour of all children in
the school is everyone’s responsibility.